About Us

TVO North America was founded in 1983 by brothers, Wayne and Russell Vandenburg, who both came from an athletic, coaching and teaching background. The Vandenburgs’ desire to integrate their coaching and teaching experience toward developing a team to produce at peak levels in the real estate management industry proved to be successful. TVO quickly grew to own, develop and manage hundreds of properties including approximately 55,000 multi-family residential units in 20 states.  

TVO’s innovative business plan integrates the management, development and investment disciplines of the real estate industry across a global business platform with a hands-on approach. This unique approach and our commitment to training and developing our associates to be the very best in their field has made TVO one of the most effective, results oriented real estate companies in the industry. Our commitment to producing a winning team means we are constantly exploring new ideas, technology, leadership development and value positioning to generate the very best possible results for our clients and partners.