Property Management

The Property Management Services affiliate is a division of privately-held TVO North America that provides property and facility management services to the real estate industry for TVO affiliated partnerships, institutional investors, and to unrelated-third party clients. TVO has 30 years of “on-the-ground” and “in-the-trenches” experience and a proven track record of success. Our continued goal to be the provider of choice for our residents, tenants and clients has made us an industry leader in the property & facility management services business. TVO’s professionals are dedicated to maximizing the property value for our investors, partners and clients and we exemplify the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. We couple our unwavering commitment to the delivery of exceptional services both on-site and off-site with the execution of proven management techniques and programs in concert with operating solutions driven by industry leading technology. 

This group is responsible for the development of annual budgets and business plans, the supervision of day-to-day operations, training on-site personnel, overseeing property maintenance and enhancing the economic life of each asset. TVO’s operating procedures are established to ensure the continued focus on the performance and business objectives of our investors, partners and clients. Our full service management platform includes:

  • Innovative marketing programs
  • Well defined training programs
  • Vendor preferred pricing
  • Meticulous resident service expectations
  • Quality Control standards for repair and renovation projects
  • Paperless accounts payable
  • Aggressive and proven collection policies
  • Comprehensive budgetary process
  • Senior review process for capital recommendations and expenditures
  • Institutional level and customizable financial reporting
  • Common area maintenance oversight
  • Established performance guidelines for commercial property janitorial contracts
  • Cost/Benefit evaluations of deferred maintenance needs
  • Pro-active preventive maintenance programs
  • Energy management and conservation solutions

Regarding a Property Management Inquiry, please contact:
Donna Ribera
Administrative Contact
T: +1 915 487 0611